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How To Find The Best Outdoor Gear

If you’re shopping for new hunting and fishing gear in California, take a moment to consider your options. 

There are tons of brands and chain stores out there that sell flashy features and new designs — but what you really need is great quality. And with so much false advertising, that can be hard to find.

Here are a couple of tips to help you shop for the best fishing, hiking, and hunting equipment. 

1. Function over fashion

It’s easy to get distracted by the latest trends, but never forget what matters most: great quality that actually works.

Whether you’re shopping for a new pole, bait, or your boots and jacket, you have to look for what’s going to work. Your gear should be built to last and easy to use. 

To make sure you’re choosing function over form, talk to a representative at your local fishing shop. They’ll show you the top brands, provide honest reviews, and help you see past the flashy advertising. 

2. Find what works for you

It’s important that you’re comfortable with your gear, whether you’re using it or wearing it. 

Fishing takes a lot of effort and long days — the equipment you bring with you should be the equipment you trust and know how to use. 

Talk to a salesperson about your priorities and favorite brands. If you love the gear you’re using, you don’t have to waste any time with new products. 

3. Shop local

Finally, the easiest way to find top-quality fishing gear is to shop at a local, family-owned outdoor store

Local businesses aren’t trying to promote flimsy gear or sell you on something you don’t want. They’ll help you find the best, comfortable gear that works for you and is going to last for years. 

Plus, you’ll be doing your part to support the local economy!